Our Vision:

We want to build an authentic community, which is Christ centred, that plays our part in transforming the city and beyond.

Our Values - the 5g’s:

The church I see is shaped by GRACE, it is full of people who know we have been saved by grace, that Jesus has done it all, all we need to do is accept this free gift of salvation through faith. We are saved in order to show grace to the world around us.

The church I see is marked by GENEROSITY, people who live wide open lives - open hearts, open arms, open homes, knowing that all we have belongs to God.

The church I see is full of GRATITUDE expressed in joyful, exuberant worship where the Holy Spirit is welcomed and free to move. There is an attitude of thankfulness for all that God has done for us that shapes how we live.

The church I see is a church that GATHERS people to itself in large and small ways. Gatherings full of life, freedom, worship, prayer, fun and friendship that flow naturally into smaller gatherings of honest and real relationships that spill out as lights shining in our world. In all these gatherings authentic community is being built.

The church I see is pursuing a GROWING relationship with Jesus. We take seriously and intentionally the call to follow God, developing patterns of Spiritual growth, constantly learning and searching without ceasing for the more he has for our lives so that we may become people who stand out and stand up to play our part in transforming the city and beyond.