St Paul describes the church as a body, with every person being a different part. Every person is made in the image of God and has a different personality, different skills and different giftings, which means every member of the church has something to give.

One way of giving is to serve as part of a team.


Worship & Production

We love making the worship of God a priority in our meetings and we love to use music and singing to help us do this. Matt White is our worship and student pastor so if you are interested in serving on the worship and production team, then please contact Matt White.


At St Werburgh’s we want church to be home for everyone who comes and part of making somewhere home for others is offering hospitality. Our hospitality team is about loving those who come particularly through serving coffee and other refreshments before our service. If you are interested in serving on the hospitality team, please contact Emma Mallord our operations manager.


We have an incredible location in the center of the city and thousands of people walk past our doors. This team is about welcoming people as they enter and connecting with those who are outside the building. If you are interested in serving on the doors team, please contact Andy Bond our Associate minister.

Werb’s Kids

During our 10:30am morning service we are blessed to have an abundance of children and young people coming to our service. We all meet together to worship but then we take the children out to their groups so they can explore and discover the incredible stories of the bible and encounter God.
If you have a heart for working with children and want to get involved helping our children deepen their relationship with God then please contact Anna Mann.

Werb’s Youth

If you have a heart for young people whether that be from wanting to help mentor or volunteer at a midweek or Sunday morning group please don't hesitate to contact our youth pastors: Beks Sutcliffe and Matt Lewis

They'd love to hear from you if you want to join their team in aiming to inspire every young person to love Jesus, be transformed by him, be impacting every area of their life and be shaping culture around them.

Prayer Ministry

Jesus spoke of a God who hears prayer and responds and we try to put that into practice at St Werburgh’s as we allow time and space to pray for one another during our services. If you are interested in being part of the prayer ministry team then please contact Emma Mallord.