St Werburgh’s is a Church of England (Anglican) church, but within that wider family we are also part of a network of churches linked to Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) in Kensington in London. HTB was the church which started (planted) St Werburgh’s.

This network is a big family of churches which have a relationship with HTB and as part of that family we all try and go on holiday together in the summer each year for a week called “Focus”.

“Focus is a week for God's church family to gather together and glorify him, share food, tell our stories, encourage, laugh, dance, pray, comfort and be filled by the Holy Spirit. It is a valuable opportunity to be transformed so that we might return home and transform our workplaces, our homes, our communities and our nation in the name of Jesus Christ.”

We would love as many as possible from St Werburgh’s to come to Focus.