God in the movies: Incredibles 2 | Joe Farrar

For those of you who don’t know I am a huge Disney and Pixar fan.

One step into the Farrar household and you’ll instantly see how much Disney merchandise we own. Me and my wife, Amy, even went to Disneyland for our honeymoon! So you can imagine our excitement as we made our way to the cinema to see Incredibles 2.
I grew up on watching Pixar films and the Incredibles is one of my all time favourite films so the anticipation was high. Let's just say it didn’t disappoint.
After picking apart the film on our way home from the cinema a theme stood out to us that I think can ring true in our lives.

You’ll be happy to know it’s not much of a spoiler but if you don’t want to know anything about the film maybe stop reading and come back to this after you’ve seen the film!

Incredibles 2 poster.jpg

Mr Incredible is forced to stay at home and take on the role of ‘Stay at home Dad'

whilst his wife Elastigirl hits the streets to fight crime and fulfill her ambitions of being a Superhero again.

Although Mr Incredible loves his kids he misses being a Superhero and fighting crime. He becomes increasingly frustrated in his role at home as he tries to do his best but fails by letting his daughter (Violet) down when she gets stood up on a date, not being able to help his son (Dash) with his homework and chasing around his baby (Jack-Jack) after discovering his new powers.

Andy preached on Sunday (15th July) about how work can be hard at times yet God often calls us into places that can be a challenge but a place we can make a huge difference.

For Mr Incredible although he finds the job hard he presses on and builds a tighter bond with his children and starts to find huge joy in his new role at home.

My encouragement to you would be that although we don’t always understand why we are in the role we are in or why God has led us to this particular place he always has the bigger picture and is working for our good, so press on even when it is hard and believe that God has INCREDIBLE things in store for you.

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