Vacancies at Werbs


Come to Serve  |  Be Discipled  |  Go to Lead

The internship year at St Werburgh’s is about you growing in faith and in your ministry skills. It is a time for learning, pressing into God, and becoming transformed. You will be on a journey which we hope will deepen your faith, broaden your skills and prepare you for the next step in your career.

Come to Serve

Our internship is a chance to serve in our church. You will get involved in all areas of church life and will play an important part in ensuring the church is ready for services. You will also spend time working in a specific ministry area e.g. Worship, Kids work, Production etc. Serving is not always easy but it is rewarding, and it is necessary for making the church run smoothly!

Be Discipled

Your year as an intern is a unique opportunity to be with God; to dwell in His word, to worship, and to develop spiritual disciplines which will be formational for the rest of your life. As an Intern community, together with the Community Leader, you will have a daily rhythm of prayer. You will also be part of the weekly Staff team devotions and meeting. Additionally, you will be mentored by a mature Christian outside the staff team.

Go to Lead

We believe leadership is about influence – to influence those around you. Spending a year as an intern will give you experience of church ministry and a busy work team. Through these experiences, the training you will receive, and the input that will come from attending conferences such as The Leadership Conference and Focus, you will have the skills and knowledge to have influence where ever you choose to be after this year.

If you are interested in our Internships please contact Emma Mallord for more information -