Tuesday 9th April

Mark 3:13 He climbed a mountain and invited those he wanted with him. They climbed together. He settled on twelve, and designated them apostles. The plan was that they would be with him, and he would send them out to proclaim the Word.

Jesus spent most of his 3 years of ministry with his 12 disciples. He invested the majority of his time with a decidedly mixed and unusual group of people.

And the result was the gospel transformed lives and spread all around the world.

We may not see the world-wide spread of the gospel but we can all invest our time in a few people, invite those who want to be with us to share our lives, to learn together, to teach one another, to be accountable and to see what God does with lives that are given over to him. And then if these people each in turn invest in another group of people, the numbers quickly escalate and we see how God works through relationship, through people who are prepared to invite others in to bring change and transformation to a city and beyond.

So today pray for those who you are investing in, who you are inviting in and if you’re not sure who they are then pray that God would show you who they should be and start inviting!

STW Derby