Welcome to our Prayer Devotional | Anna Mann

‘Heaven is full of answers to prayer for which no-one ever bothered to ask.’ Billy Graham

Acts 6:7 God’s message was preached in ever-widening circles.

 This Lent, as we prepare for Easter, we want to pray together as a Church in ever-widening circles. As the gospel spreads in the book of Acts, we read of how the numbers of new believers increase rapidly - starting in Jerusalem, then to Judea, Samaria and then to the ends of the earth.

The book documents the dramatic growth of the early church which involved many ups and downs as the believers met with persecution, imprisonment, beatings, attacks, shipwrecks, divisions, debates, falling’s out and difficulties of many kinds - but none of this could stop the church from growing.

And along the way the book gives testimony to churches that started from nothing, grew rapidly, gave sacrificially and prayed boldly, desperate to play their part in sharing the gospel with those around them, seeing their friends and families come to salvation and their communities and cities being transformed - sound familiar?!

We may not recognise the stories of beatings and imprisonment (though some amongst us will) but we may well have faced varying degrees of persecution and difficulties as we grow in our faith and try to share it with those around us in our words and actions but most of all with our love for one another.

So, we’re going to follow the example of the early church and on every occasion and in all circumstances turn to PRAY FIRST – with love, seeking courage to continue to preach the gospel and see the transformation of our city and beyond.

The plan is for 6 weeks of prayer during Lent in the lead up to Easter, as we head towards the cross, we are going to pray in ever-widening circles as we consider our areas of influence:

 1.      Core (personal intercession, heart and soul)

2.      Community (family, friends and local neighbourhood)

3.      Church (our church and the churches in our city)

4.      City (focussing on the needs of our city)

5.      Culture (nation, world and wider issues that we face today)

6.      Christ (finishing at the Cross during Holy week)

 Each week there will be 5 days of prayer each with a verse and thought. For the weekend there will be chance to reflect and respond by to writing notes and recording all that God is saying and prompting you to do.

We are really excited about starting this journey of prayer with you and look forward to hearing how you get on.

STW Derby